Exploring the Right College Choice

For The Parents

The cost of attending college tours and choosing your child’s future university can be time-consuming and expensive. Recent studies have found that the average college visit can cost parents up to $3,500 in time off, lodging, meals, fuel, etc. In fact, many parents end up spending almost $1,000 on applications and entrance exams alone.

While putting together a visit to colleges will certainly help your child decide what university they would most want to attend, what do these costs look like?

  • Time Invested: Research and planning can average 20-25 hour
  • Costs: Parking, hotel cost, meals, tour costs, time off from work to travel
  • Transportation logistics: Fuel, drive time, traffic, parking, possible airfare, and car rental
  • Small number of schools actually visited: On average parents visit 2-3 schools per trip


For The Students

Choosing the right university is a huge decision that will determine what your life will look like for the next 4 years. An IST Campus Tour gives you the opportunity to explore several different schools on a single trip and you may be surprised to find that a school you had not been considering is actually the perfect match for you! Your campus tour will take you to some of the best universities in the country. You will get to explore them with your friends, get to sample foods in the dinning halls and visit the book store for some souvenirs. The best opportunity of all is that you will actually get to speak to students (who are your tour guides) about what day to day life is really like on their campus. Our tours give you an actual glimpse of what your future might be like at the campus you’re considering!


We are an industry leading student travel tour company with over 40 years of experience! We know what a huge impact a college tour can make on the future of your students. We realize deciding which colleges to visit can be a monumental task that takes countless hours of planning and can be very costly. Let us take the hassle out of it and help your students explore some of the top universities in the country. With our wealth of knowledge we can create a customized itinerary that gets the most out of each day. Our college tours can range from a 2 day/1 night up to a 6 day/5 nights.

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